About Us

Our Company - The pride of the national industry

The company with long experience in the local market and the Gulf Our products cover 80 of the market in the city of Riyadh and its provinces We specialize in the production of consumables spoons forks knives dishes of food from cork coffee mugs and we have different sizes on request. Our goal in the quality of our products right price superiority trust responsibility and continuous development work for the stability of the customer’s confidence in our products. We deliver all our products to all cities in the Kingdom and neighboring Gulf countries

Who We Are

A pleasure to speak to you on behalf of the rest of my partners and myself, I can not the beginning, but would like to thank all those who contributed to the success of our institutions prestigious of staff, partners and clients have had a big role in the success of our institutions and reach down to provide the best products that have earned the admiration of many and also we were promised at the outset to provide better services now Novi Bahdna who have come to ourselves it is always best to provide our valued customers and we will continue to make more effort and sweat to extend bridges of trust in our products between us and our valued customers. And we promise always to expand our scope to include more areas to offer our services excellence in all over the dear homeland will not be possible for us so only with your help and your trust in the precious and all work as one team and this is our motto with the staff at each of our branches always seek the best from all over the world to import and present it here in the homeland beloved

11 Years Of Providing The Quality

2008 - Establishing